We deliver the greatest experience with online arbitration

Cryptography security

We honestly believe in electronic communication based on the latest cryptography standards.

Blockchain timestamp

Timestamp server and random number generator are one of the greatest things what blockchain provides.

Easy arbitration

Arbitration can be easily handled simply by signing an arbitration clause, sending documents and paying arbitration fees.

1. Fully electronic proceeding

We believe, that our world is providing enough technological tools to handle civil dispute proceeding online. Qualified electronic signatures verify parties and their actions, so there is no need for physical presence in any proceeding.

2. Truly impartial

Security of the arbitration is built upon strong cryptographic principles and enormous stakes involved in the proof of work mechanism. Every action submitted into the system just in one hour nominates a truly random arbitrator. This process is publicly verifiable by everyone and manipulation of the results is tremendously costly.

3. Focal point consensus

Have you heard about Schelling point? This concept provides the best motivation to get the best and the most objective legal decision.

4. Blazingly fast

The final decision is made in 2 weeks from when the action is filed. Attorneys are inevitably motivated to solve disputes within the system as soon as possible.

People behind

Pavol Travnik

IT developer & lawyer

Lukas Steiniger

attorney at law

About Arbitrust

Arbitrust is an open-source protocol for civil arbitration powered by attorneys, lawyers and programmers. Attorneys as professional practitioners of law who are very well equipped to solve civil disputes in the highest degree of quality and in a very short time are best choice to maintain stability of arbitration proceedings. There is a growing number of civil disputes, which are waiting to be solved by state courts. You probably know about cases waiting in courts for months or even years. And maybe you experienced even a lack of quality of the argumentation in the final resolution. This is caused by very high administrative demands to proceeding to a really demotivated and uncompetitive environment of the state institutions.

As a solution, we propose standardized private arbitration using modern technology and mathematical game theory to motivate arbitrators to create impartial and fair decisions in an extremely easy and secure way. Arbitration is left only to attorneys who are members of Bar association to maintain the quality of decision making.

Arbitration is not only a great source of income, but it is also the future of civil and commercial law. Every arbitrator can help to shape the result of disputes and help people who demand fast, reliable and objective dispute resolution.

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